Retevis RT666

PMR446 License-free 16 Channel Professional wireless Two Way Radio

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  • Description

    1. 1200mAh Li-ion battery pack, low power design, long standby

    2. 50 sets of analog sub-audio and 150 sets of digital sub-audio design

    3. Compandor technology design to make products more private

    4. Customizable code /decoding

    5. Micro USB dedicated Desktop charger Features: Adjustable volume level Channel Monitor Squelch TOT Battery save Low Battery Alert Earpiece connector

Package Details:

2 x RT666 two way radio

2 x Li-Ion Battery 2 x Belt Clip

2 x Desktop charger

2 x Micro-USB cable

2 x Lanyard

2 x Adapter

1 x User Manual