Hytera PNC550

Intelligent Push-To-Talk over Celluar + One year in advance subscription each POC terminal. (Premium support without data line 30.KD/ -per year)

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  • Description

    PNC550 is a smart POC terminal integrating smart phone and professional Push-to-talk function over cellular, is designed for industrial and commercial users. With the dual mic noise suppression technology, IP68 rating and built-in speaker (up to 2W) , PNC550 can provide loud and clear audio quality even in noisy and harsh environment. 5-inch HD (High Definition) screen, 2 HD cameras in front and rear and powerful PoC system ensure multimedia, broadband and intelligent functions beyond voice, meet the requirements of multimedia services such as pictures and videos, and instantly command & control.


    * 5-inch HD Multi-touch Display -

    * High Capacity Battery and Fast Charge -

    * Loud and Clear Voice Quality -

    * HD Camera -

    * Professional Design -

    * Inclusive System -

    * Dual SIM

Standard Package:

* Radio  1 PCS

* Li-Poly Battery  1 PCS

* Switching Power Adapter  1 PCS

* Documentation Kit  1 PCS