Hytera PNC370

Push-To-Talk over Celluar + One year in advance subscription each POC terminal. (Premium support with data line 30.KD/ -per year)

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  • Description

    PTT over 3G/4G/WiFi networks provides instant communications with large coverage,even national or international connectivity.A good choice for organisations who want to improve productivity and efficiency.


    * Wide Coverage with celluar network - Extand your worforce communication to anywhere with mobile 3G/4G coverage that is supported by the Micro-SIM

    * Real-time Availability - Check the status of contacts in real-time(online or offline),providing clear information about team availability

    * Pre-installed App - Android apps pre-installed provides convenient PoC services.Hytera can also offer an open API for 3rd party development and customisaiton

    * GPS Positioning & Real Time Clock - The in-built GPS supports outdoor positioning and dispatching,as well as the RTC for displaying your call history

    * Built-in Bluetooth - Built-in Buletooth supports wireless connection with BT audio accessories releasing your hands and improving the efficicency

    * Built-in WiFi - Connection with WiFi networks to provide reliable communications, particularly indoors,whilst also saving on data cost

    * Supplementary Features - The PoC app installed on the terminal can be remotely stuned or reactivated by the dispatcher

    * LED Torch - With One-touch operation,the handy LED torch provides convenient illumination

    * Long Battery Life - The impressive battery capacity delivers a long working time,supported with Micro-USB charging to make it easy to charge anytime,anywhere

    * Reliable and Durable - Compliant with MIL-STD-810G and IP55

Standard Package:


* Radio  1 PCS

* Li-ion Battery  1 PCS

* Switching Power Adapter(including USB data Cable)  1 PCS

* Belt Clip  1 PCS

* Nylon Strap  1 PCS

* Documentation Kit  1 PCS